Cooney, Cinnamon


It is from an a highly emotional and sentimental space that my experience is fostered. I fabricate  from a whimsical inner narrative.  My themes focus on the essential complexion of the living world  rarely acknowledging the industrial dystopian nature of modern living. A persistent tapestry of fanciful elements that imply an undercurrent of hopefulness and optimism. Even when the pools of a darker nature are explored a presence of buoyant quirkiness  remains. It is through my art that I share my fundamental optimism in the magical nature of living and  divine struggle toward joy.
I am a painter working in acrylic on canvas.  I avail myself of wide variety of gels, mediums, and art techniques.  Many of my techniques are experimental. I approach each piece as if it is a game and my tools are toys. When approached as play what appears to be accidental is in fact an expression of a very intimate experience with my creation. I leave myself open to the possibilities of each creation but yet a participant in every element.  It is my goal to leave the viewer with the experience of having come across a moment of exposed truthful exploration from an internal anecdote.

Spectacle 6-21-2014 VAA"Unspoken"6-22-2014VAA"Sherpa" 6-16-2014 vaa"Exquisite" 6-20-2014 vaa"Bugged" -5-11-2014 vaa

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