Swiech, Lj



I am constantly transported from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, pausing at times to absorb the scenery that presents itself in my journey.
Art follows me.  I see sculpture in soap boxes, I see the fragility of stained glass in relationships and I see attitudes shaped in plaster. Through these mediums, my work depicts both sight and insight.  I work with what I have, and what I have…works with me.
Technology has provided me a medium with which to manipulate my feelings, transforming them into surreal shapes and intense colors.  I strive to captivate my viewer with color in the same manner that it captivates me.
My art is a gyotaku of my dance with mental illness. I enjoying having my work seen by others, but I truly revel in its creation.
My art is my battlefield and yet…my art is my chapel.
In a lovely and tactful manner, my art encourages me to never be ‘normal’.

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