Allen, Homer


My introduction to Art was through painting, building and designing sets in my father’s theater company. I grew up working with professional set designers; graphic artists; and scenic artists. My college undergraduate and graduate work focused on graphic design, printmaking, painting, with a minor in accounting.

After college, I taught art for a few years and then entered the Houston business world in 1979 through the outdoor advertising business.

My work reflects my years of experience working in the theater and the sign industry.  With my current series, I am focusing on flower imagery. A favorite way I see my flower paintings: as actors and dancers against a backdrop.

I like images that are colorful; bold; and dramatic. I also like the idea of having paintings displayed wherever a person would like them. I found an outlet for this viewpoint by painting on old billboard vinyl with waterproof enamel paints. I am currently exploring line and color by using flower clip art images.

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