Tseng Hill, Sherry

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The Artist
A practicing architect and artist, Ms. Hill attended Rice University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Architecture in 1980, and a Bachelor of Architecture in 1982.

My lifelong love affair with art has informed the way I see the world and how I have chosen to live in it. It was the reason for my decision to go into architecture: to create art through the design of buildings and environments. In return, my training in architecture and years of practice have served to enlighten the way I see the visual world and how I create art. I cannot look at my surroundings without seeing them through color, texture, shape, form, light and dark. I am always searching for that luminosity, for that feeling of time and space.

Reflecting the multi-layered world we live in, I often layer imagery and pattern, and play with combining opposite expressions: the soft and the hard, the transparent and the opaque, the flat and the spatial, the literal and the abstract. I constantly explore different techniques and mediums to create textures and see how they can best tell the story or convey the emotions I hope to evoke.

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