Butler, Cindy



My painted masonry sculptures and relief sculptures take their basic physical form from mud brick and adobe structures I saw while living in the Middle East and traveling in New Mexico. The surfaces are carved and painted with images and symbols which relate to ancient wall paintings and rock carvings. Recently, the carvings and images have become increasingly personal and animated. I use reflective glass beads on the surface of some of the work to reflect direct light like crystals on the walls of a cave I climbed through in Kentucky or the familiar reflective lines on the roadway at night. They also give the surface a pleasing, rough quality. The light reflections sparkle and change as the viewer moves around the sculpture. I love the play of light and cast shadows on these weathered rock and architectural forms. I have moved rather often in my life and have lived in the Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, Ohio, Louisiana, Oklahoma and now Texas. I put down roots in each place in turn, and I can see the influence of the culture of the places I lived and the people I met in my artwork. I think I may have developed these stone like materials and time worn forms as a way to make my artistic statement using something as solid and lasting as architecture and stone.





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