McDonald, Lynet

I was born and raised in Mexico City and moved to the US at the age of 15.  I have lived in many cities in the US since then.  I have a Management Information Systems degree with no formal training in art.  I started drawing people and self-portraits at a very young age mainly to feel better and to cope during difficult times.  I found out as a child that pouring my emotions into the women in my drawings would give me a great sense of relief.  I continued drawing and painting women until my senior year in high school. I stopped doing art when I went to college. After I graduated, my focus shifted to my programming career. Many years went by and my artwork became a mere memory. Finally, in 2006, after I had left my career to take care of my daughter, I started drawing and painting again. It felt wonderful to once again enter that other world where anything is possible. The world where you can create whatever you want and you can be whoever you wish to be. I had forgotten about that place for many years, but thankfully, I found it again.


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