Dunn, Alix


In 1957, Alix Dunn was born in Houston, Texas.  The family house was based on a Mies van der Rohe aesthetic.  Its most outstanding feature was 60 horizontal feet of floor to ceiling glass windows which overlooked a tributary of Buffalo Bayou.  The view included several layers of trees intertwined with native grapevines, a deep stream, and areas of land sculpted from the water’s path.  Floods came with torrential waters.  Raccoons, possums, redbirds ate cat food from a wood deck that projected out over the little tributary. For Alix Dunn, the view was a complete expression of the interrelationship of life in nature.  This is where her sense of “home” began.l  It was beautiful to her. It was Texas. Wild, inspiring, delicate and aggressive-the full range of senses.  This Texas landscape turned her to become a seeker to express and mirror this rapture of life.



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