Member Portfolios My painting is an experiment in layers. I paint a layer, and then respond to it with another until the surface becomes a composition that has depth, yet remains organic and freely structured.   VAA assumes no responsibility for the content of this artist's webpage. The artist is […]

Cansler, Cara I am a classically trained artist but for the past 24 years I’ve been using digital media to create artwork. I was trained as an oil painter in traditional B.A. and M.F.A. programs at the University of California, Los Angeles where I studied with and was exposed to […]

Wood, Nancy My paintings are characterized by vibrant color, dramatic movement, and gestural mark-making, embodying strong references to the natural world. VAA assumes no responsibility for the content of this artist's webpage. The artist is completely responsible for the image quality and text. This information is updated annually upon membership […]

Simpson, Susan Born in Brussels, Belgium, I came to Houston in 1999. I started art classes in 2000 and did mostly pastel. after a while my work kept me from painting but now recently I picked up my brushes again. I now work mostly with acrylic paint.     VAA assumes no […]

Knop, Magda Art for me is a way to free my mind and when one views my paintings, it is meant to be not just seen but felt. The use of acrylic paint with gel allows my paintings to jump off the canvas and come alive resulting in a sculptural, […]

Pasqualini, Daniela “An artist and an activist are the same thing.”  — Ai Weiwei.  In an era of ubiquitous digital imaging, former filmmaker g. watson embraces the verisimilitude of silver-based photography.   Diverse styles of documentary, allegorical, and personal photography create both observational and declarative statements to provide a catalyst […]

Watson, Gary L.