Member Portfolios Beginning my artistic endeavours with writing, the subjects in my short stories eventually prompted an interest in illustrating them – this lead to a broader focus on art.  Drawing inspiration from heraldry, myth and geography, I uses pen, pencil and collage to depict notable people and themes.   […]

Egusquiza, Rei Born in Alexanderia Egypt, daughter of Lebanese and Greek father, raised in California and a Coptic Orthodox Christian, Caroline brings a rich cultural background to her multilayered mixed media work.  Caroline’s achievements include a B.A. in Studio Art and Psychology (double major) from the University of California at […]

Marcos, Caroline In 1957, Alix Dunn was born in Houston, Texas.  The family house was based on a Mies van der Rohe aesthetic.  Its most outstanding feature was 60 horizontal feet of floor to ceiling glass windows which overlooked a tributary of Buffalo Bayou.  The view included several layers of trees […]

Dunn, Alix Nicci Sevier-Vuyk is a visual artist who has a passion for transforming the ordinary into the unexpected.  She was born in California, but spent much of her childhood in Vancouver, British Columbia. After a full career as a pediatric nurse practitioner, Nicci began to pursue her lifelong enthusiasm […]

Sevier-Vuyk, Nicci Ellen H Ray is a Contemporary painter who finds inspiration in the Neo Expressionists of the 1970’s. Her work focuses on bringing to light her perspective on being Human, including memories, transitions and the Human Trinity of being Mind, Body and Spirit.  Her work is often filled with easily […]

Ray, Ellen H Over the years, my relationship to the work has evolved from pure explorations of abstract form and color, to a more formal development of monochromatic ‘escapes’ that reduce geometrical elements to their minimum expression, both in palette and form, and to highly dynamic and complex digital works that reflect […]

Duarte, Luisa