Member Portfolios The world around me as I see it with my vision is nothing but reflection. Wisdom comes from reflection, which makes you dive within. Reflections are everywhere. In many ways, they are not only visual connection but it reflects the society. In fact, the power of reflections can be […]

Khowaja, Urooj P.M. Neist is a contemporary embroiderer and textile artist based in Houston, Texas.   Rooted in the handmade traditions of a French heritage, Neist’s work seeks to redefine embroidery through the re-appropriation and interpretation of vintage objects, textiles, and images. Using text, digital collage, drawing, and embroidery Neist […]

NEIST, PM In the words of Stella Adler “Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one”.  I attempt to construct intense personal moments masterfully created through mixed media artworks and sculptures. Wanting the viewer to imagine their own interpretation without being hindered where […]

Giordano, Denise Brenda is a full-time studio artist working in Houston Texas.  A graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute (Kansas City, Missouri) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Brenda has been working with fiber as a studio artist for over 35 years.    The emphasis of Brenda’s work […]

Bunten-Schloesser, Brenda J.

www.CrystalMurleyArt.comCRYS_77@YAHOO.COM Crystal Murley is a visual and sculptural artist based out of Houston, Texas. She received her MFA at Houston Baptist University, and her BFA in painting and design from the University of Houston. Her work has been published in Studio Visit Magazine, Indie Soleil, and Voyage Houston. Her art […]

Murley, Crystal J I experiment with color and form to create works inspired by and evoking meditation and introspection. For me it is an act of meditation itself to make the work and I often explore personal narratives, symbols and archetypes. Some of my pieces tell a story, with symbols like […]

Marcos, Caroline Z.