Member Portfolios My assemblages explore the possibilities of combining worlds, saving lives and changing intentions.  Vintage, replica or just old guns receive a transformation with a dressing of technology—both old and new. In essence, turning swords into plow- shares—changing destruction into contribution.  The curving shape and sensual beauty of a […]

Eisenberg, Marc Amid the chaos of life you encounter a bit of peace. It could be a face, a sunset, or someone’s overwhelming kindness, but it stops you in your tracks. Providing these moments in paint is my goal as an artist.  Growing up in Southern California I fell in […]

Bodzy, Lesley I love to create in mixed media’s, mainly found objects. I’m currently working with metal and blacksmithing and am nursing a 30 year art car addition. I absolutely love a big project and there’s nothing like driving my art all over the country.   VAA assumes no responsibility for […]

Haden, Joe Brenda is a full-time studio artist working in Houston Texas.  A graduate from the Kansas City Art Institute (Kansas City, Missouri) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Brenda has been working with fiber as a studio artist for over 35 years.    The emphasis of Brenda’s work […]

Bunten-Schloesser, Brenda J. Encaustic changed the way Victoria sees art. Encaustic takes her into the unknown on a sublime journey of freedom, touching here and there seemingly at random. Victoria never knows exactly what she is going to get, and yet is so amazed by the beautiful accidents that spread out […]

Pierson, Victoria Chunyi Long, before the school age, he benefited from the teachings of his grandmother, studied in painting. More than a decade ago, he gave up the work of a senior engineer in computer software, picked up the brush again, to study and practice painting, and to develop an […]

Long, ChunYi