Member Portfolios Rusy Singh … Born and raised in India,  currently working in Houston-Texas as a business analyst.  My world revolves around traveling, photography, music (my vocabulary is limited to Pink Floyd, Queen, Beatles, Led Zeppelin, 21 Pilots, Nirvana, Greenday n WolfMother .. and I do collect vinyl records), games […]

Singh, Rusy I paint the things that surround me. I pull images from art history, movies, and my surroundings. This synthesis of images represents the barrage of information we are subject to. Combining various drawing, painting, and collage techniques, I paint portraits to represent the perception of the self: how […]

Baker, JJ Celebrities began as ghosts–disembodied voices transmitted through air, voiceless flickering spectres projected in darkness, contractually bound to Hollywood and record companies.  Eventually they became icons, their images repeated so often that they began to feel as if they meant something. No longer just objects of admiration, they were […]

McLean, Mead I am an avid photographer who has been intersted in travel and nature photography. My work represents many genres comprising of natue,landscape,travel and macro photography. I specialize in Floral photography taking it to an art form.     VAA assumes no responsibility for the content of this artist's webpage. […]

Peddamatham, Usha I have always found the human figure  fascinating subject. I have studied anatomy for many years and had the privilege recently of drawing cadavers in London for over three years at St.George’s Hospital to enhance my knowledge. These studies have been pivotal to increasing my understanding of the […]

Duncan, Rosslyn It is not unusual for artists to find it difficult to use words to describe their work, for art is a communication puzzle we are constantly trying to solve. But words and images complement each other, and in spite of their constant rivalry, images and letters are really […]

PintoSouza, Silvia