I joined the Visual Arts Alliance because I enjoy participating in the Houston art scene.  I became a professional artist in 2006 and have been very involved in the art scene since then.  I became even more immersed by managing Redbud Gallery for over 5 years and by doing IT […]

McDonald, Lynet

I’m excited to be part of the thriving Houston Arts community.

Welsh, Douglas

I am so excited to be part of this organization! I am looking forward to be a part of the art community in Houston, learn more about art and hopefully get a chance to participate and volunteer for future events.

Martino, Elena

I joined the VAA because of the 100 First Days group show and Matt Adams’ suggestion.  Seeing the work of some of the participants inspired me to join.

Egusquiza, Rei

It was an honor having a piece of mine get accepted into a VAA juried show and when that happened I experienced a certain seriousness and attention to my art and my resume which I hadn’t had before.  I enjoy the educational programs and the exposure to the very active […]

Marcos, Caroline

As soon as I joined the VAA, I was given an opportunity to volunteer as a representative. After less than a month of membership, I have already met with several Art leagues in Texas and a major Gallery dealer.  Secondly, I have begun personal contact with its many creative artists […]

Dunn, Alix