I am excited to be part of an organization that cares to give support, advice and professional training to its members and in turn to promote new artist proposals.

Ardenti, Juan Carlos

I’ve gained more knowledge in regards to establishing myself as a local artist. VAA has been extremely helpful in this area.

Magruder, Austin

I am a new member to the VAA.  One of my art works was accepted in the 35th Juried Open Exhibition.  I hope to grow as an artist through association with this art community and maybe be of some help to another.

Dunn, William

As a new artist to VAA, I am excited to experience the opportunities provided to give my art career a boost.  VAA’s mission to support aspiring artists is very commendable. I’m thrilled to be a part of such an admirable organization.

Cansler, Cara

I was a member of Visual Arts Alliance during the1990’s when I lived in Houston. I participated in many exhibits, even won an award! Those were the days of paper newsletters and I was the VAA newsletter editor for a while. After moving to San Antonio in 1999 I let […]

Wood, Nancy

Learned about artist, juried shows, and the many galleries in Houston.

Simpson, Susan